Through my membership in various non-profit organizations I am constantly expanding my horizon as well as my network. As a result, I learn about important developments and events.

Association of German Women Entrepreneurs e.V. (VdU)
As a board member of the regional Association of Westphalia, I contribute to the networking of women in business at the national level. The nationwide association is dedicated to economic issues from a women's perspective and promotes political efforts to achieve equal participation of women and men in economic life. In addition, the association facilitates the exchange between women entrepreneurs and the dialogue with political decision-makers. For the Münster region I developed the “Talk in Münster” format, where Westphalian companies as well as companies in dialogue with me introduce themselves. Click here to visit their link to the website.
FiDAR - Association of Women on Supervisory Boards
The initiative offers its members a platform for exchange on the development of the proportion of female members in supervisory boards as well as on the political efforts to increase this proportion. In addition, FidAR facilitates the exchange of information on topics relevant to the work of supervisory boards. Click here for the link to the website.
Association of Women (in) Business e.V.

The network for female entrepreneurs and leaders in Münster and the surrounding area actively shapes the economy in the region. Here is the website

Westphalia e.V.

With this association, Westphalia has a new mouthpiece. The economic power of Westphalia is enormous and for many companies the following applies: From Westphalia to the world. I am a member of the working group economics on the board. Here link to the website.

Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern e.V. / Bavarian Economic Advisory Board

The Bavarian Economic Advisory Board is a legally independent, cross-industry and politically independent professional association. Founded in 1948 as the Economic Advisory Board of Union e.V. and headquartered in Munich, the association of entrepreneurs represents the interests of around 1,800 members - entrepreneurs, business executives, representatives of the liberal professions and internationally operating large and medium-sized companies from all over Bavaria. link to the website.

United Europe e.V.
This association is dedicated to the promotion of an united Europe. As someone who has worked in different countries all around Europe, I support this goal. United Europe organizes exchange in various formats on European topics with political and economic players. Currently I support the organization by acting as a mentor for young professionals.  Click here to visit their link to the website.
German-Hungarian Society e.V.
The association is dedicated to the exchange between Hungary and Germany. Due to my many years of operational board responsibility in Hungary for a company with German shareholders, this exchange is particularly close to my heart. Click here to visit their link to the website.
German Business Club Hungary (DWC)
The Business Club is a network of Hungarian-based company representatives of companies with German shareholders. The exchange within the community and at events in Hungary is both helpful and enriching. DWC is a partner of Netzwerk Digital - an initiative that I coordinate as Vice President of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest. Click here to visit their link to the website.
Austro Hungarian Business Council e.V.
This association is a network of companies based in Hungary and company representatives with Austrian background. As a likewise German-speaking community there are many connections to German business organizations. The organization is a partner of ‘Netzwerk Digital’ - an digitalisation themed initiative that I coordinate as Vice President of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. Click here to visit their link to the website.

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